What is an astral chart?

A birth chart describes the cosmic balance at the time of our birth. It is a symbolic and universal language, in which the codes and the nature of the energies which permeate us from our first breath of life arise. A precise association between the positions of planets, asteroids and different points in the sky at the time of our arrival on Earth.

Welcome to the sweet and delicious world of astrology.

Here, there is neither good nor bad theme. Neither good nor bad sign. It is a question of balance, of energies which feed, correspond and communicate with each other.

What is a map reading for?

Astrology can be a real tool for personal development. Since there is neither a bad theme nor a bad sign, there is also no bad energy. Neither good for that matter. Simply, as the energy simply "is", the birth chart also fully "is". Reading a map makes it possible to appropriate these energies which can sometimes follow us, exceed us. To understand them, and to be able to have the keys to harmonize them, give them a new meaning, and find a different balance, which corresponds to us.

What if I don't know my birth time?

It is not very serious and at the same time it is very important. If you do not know your birth time, or that of the person concerned, we strongly encourage you to seek it out. The time of birth allows you to know the ascendant, the houses and some important little additional information. Without these, the horoscope on the poster will be incomplete and the reading will be lacking in precision and depth.

It is possible to do so, but you should be aware that some data will be incomplete.

Can we do a map reading for a newborn child?

Yes of course ! We are not at all in predictive astrology, and Ange always reiterates that the energies that we decode here are what they are, but the experience of life, the meetings, the environment will obviously bear their imprints. respective, too. It is a reading which is just as interesting to guide these different energies, on condition of observing them without deciding that they will be at all costs.

Can we make a synastry for the purchase of a Duo poster?

Absolutely ! Ange reads the two themes, all the same! A synastry can be about any relationship, not just a romantic one. It is an astrological compatibility reading between two themes. Far from the idea of "it matches or it does not match". For the synastries either, it is not a question of good or bad theme, but always of balances in the energies.

What are the holdups ?

I always do my best to get the poster done as quickly as possible. Depending on the number of orders, and the organization in progress, the deadlines can vary from 24 to 4 days maximum, even if the latter remains very exceptional.

I prefer to take the time necessary for each order and treat it with care. When the poster is close to an anniversary date, it is always treated with priority.

For a map reading, Ange will contact you within 7 days maximum, then get organized with you, according to what you choose with her. A telephone appointment, or sending a PDF. From this first contact, the final meeting will be set within a further 7 days.

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