Blandine Ferry

Thérapeute - Analyste - Créatrice

Who am I ?

In a parallel life, I was a graphic designer, then I became a therapist with this call from the heart, from the understanding of being, of its resilience and what it is made of. My practices are based on the unconditional reception of the other, of what he is, and to accompany him towards his balance, which is his own with the accuracy that is necessary for him.

Astrology has been part of my life since I was a teenager, even though I cut myself off from it for a while. Fault in the astrology that I had been taught, a classic astrology, borrows often negative clichés and reputations a little crude specific to each sign, or each planet.

Then my life took a revolutionary turn, thank Saturn for his legendary return!
I heard the call of the stars again, this time in a different way, with kindness, with empathy, with the desire to grow, and not just to know.

My approach to astrology has completely matched the one I practice in the therapy office.

What is astrology for me?

I discovered a whole other form of astrology, the one that accompanies us, guides us, and never judges. Each astral chart has its own energies, each chart has its raison d'être, each position of a planet echoes another, and their communication is extremely rich. Realize to what point we formed a whole, and that astrology did not stop with the translation that we made of it, with the exchanges between the stars and us.

But to our multiple interactions, the stars, the planets, between them, us humans, on Earth, between us, the stars with us and us with the stars.

I discovered astrology differently, I became aware of the greatness of its true language.

“It is true, without lie, certain and very true: what is below is like what is above, and what is above is like what is below, to perform miracles of one thing. "

Hermes Emerald Table

Why astral card posters?

An astral chart is a bit like our own record of operations, mechanisms, reactions, values, emotions, desires. To know it is to know yourself, deeply, and to harmonize the different energies that can sometimes clash. The awareness of their existences and their interactions makes it possible to be able to adjust with them, to become one with oneself.

I have always been visually fascinated by astral charts. A simple card that contains so much of one person, which can be read endlessly, every day and in degrees as different as they are complementary. All this on one card. Waw, what power.

Having your astral card means having your astral identity document, being able to look at it every day, remember where you come from, who you are, what makes us up and be able to read it and have it read. to infinity. This data will never change, no matter how old we are, no matter where, no matter what we are going through. But they will always be full of resources to accompany us, guide us, support us, challenge us, push us or appease us.

The astral chart is the written record, the reading medium of ourselves.

Qualité et soin

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